Products: Yard Signs / Coroplast Signs


Description: When you need to get your message out to a large quantity of people in a large area Yard signs are hard to beat. Get creative with your display and presentation and they will yield stunning results. Ever wonder why you see so many of these "bandit" signs? It is because they work!. A moodiest 100 sign campaign can jump start a new business or dramatically increase sales. Please contact us for creative ideas in using yard signs.

NEWS: With Cypress Graphics new addition of a flat bed UV printer, we are now able to print straight
to coroplast, With decreased labor, faster turn around and some of the best pricing in the state. Cypress graphics is your new yard sign supplier.

Use: Short term advertising, announcement, way finding / traffic control, events.

Life Span: 6 mos - 1 year

Delivery Time: 1 -6 days

Standard Sizes: 24x18 and 18x12, custom sizes and shapes are available

Cost: depends on quaintly $3-$25 ea

Design Advice: Keep it simple, Copy should be limited to Title / Company name, logo, what you do, and phone number or web site.

Care: Keep out of reach of "sign snatchers"

Additional Info:

Full Color Yard Signs. These signs are printed in house, Normally used for shorter runs of 1-30. Available in one color to full photographic. Because of our full digital process our turn around time is very quick.

Screen Printed Yard Signs. These signs require special steps and setups to produce. A special screen must be made for each color used. Because of these additional steps producing smaller quantities of these signs are not economical. The price of screen printing is largely dependant on the quantity ordered. The more signs ordered, the lower the cost per sign. Additional colors as well as double sided add to the cost per sign.


Examples of Work:

Full Color yard sign

POH yard sign

tree yard sign

Cypress Graphics Yard signs

tax geek

Full Color Yard sign Pricing