Products: Vehicle Wraps / Trailer Wraps

Description: Vehicle wraps are one of the the newest and hottest ways to advertise, market and brand your business. Whether you are a one man operation or fortune 500 company, vehicle wraps / mobile advertising will get you noticed.

Cypress Graphics is the largest and best vehicle wrap company in the Ascension Parish area. Let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

Use: Car, Van, Truck, Trailer, Advertising

Life Span: 4 -6 years depending on materials.

Delivery Time: 5-12 days

Standard Sizes: N/A

Cost: Typically $1500-$4000

Design Advice: Keep it simple, people only have a few seconds in traffic to see your wrap. Make the graphics bold, and relating to what you do. Keep lettering to who you are and what you do, and maybe one slogan.

Care: Wash with a soft car washing brush, with mild car wash soap. Avoid high pressure car washes, contact with other vehicles, and non-movable objects.

Additional Info: Wrapping a car will not harm the paint, in fact when a car is wrapped using quality materials, (like products made by 3M) the wrap acts like a paint protection film. if a car is wrapped when it is new, it will still look new in 4-5 years when the wrap is removed. This is great for resale, and if you have a leased vehicle. Cypress Graphics uses 3M vinyl for all of it vehicle wraps, We follow 3M guidelines, and have attended 3Ms vehicle wrap training classes. We are a member of PDAA, and are Fellers Certified and Wrap Lab Certified. We also offer installation services for national accounts and print providers.

Examples of Work:

monster truck wrap

United rentals tractor trailer wrap

McDonalds trailer wrap

angelos enclosed trailer wrap

partial wrap of van


van wrap

custom wraped race trailer

RAD Wraped Trailer
Trailer Wrap

trailer wrap

RAD Wraped Trailer

rad trailer wrap

Wrapped Hood Cypress Graphics

Partial Wrap

Box Van Wrap

Goodwood Library Van Wrap
Van Wrap

goodwood Library wrap 2

Hogans box van wrap
Box Van Wrap

online deck truck wrap
Partial Truck Wrap

online fence reflective wrap


shooters training

shooters training tailgate wrap

Mistras tailgate wrap
Tailgate Wrap

adt box van graphics

motorcycle wrap

ESI Trailer

LSART Trailer