Products: Sand Blasted / CNC Routed

Description: Sand Blasted signs are the premier Signage option. Long lasting and great looking, these are the best of the best. When you have to have that "Classy/ high-end" look, there is no substitute. Let Cypress Graphics aid you in the design fabrication, and installation of your next sand blasted sign.

Use: Lawyers and Doctors offices, (high-end Signage).

Life Span: 10+ years

Delivery Time: 3-5 weeks

Standard Sizes: N/A, all sizes are custom made

Cost: $65- $85 sq .ft. depending on complexity, colors, and gilding

Design Advice: Almost any size or shape signs can be made, "Gold leafing" is optional, but should be kept to a minimum. to avoid "over doing it"

Care: Do not power wash, use only a mild soap and water to clean with a soft brush.

Additional Info: Sandblasted signs used to be made of redwood, but the limited supply of this wood has become cost prohibitive. The new industry standard is HDU (High Density Urethane), which is a long lasting inert material that has almost completely replaced redwood in this area. It has all of the beauty and none of the ill side effects of wood such as cracking and splitting. Using special tools, wood grain can be simulated. Cypress Graphics likes to pair its sand blasted HDU signs with PVC frames for long life and ease of cleaning.

Examples of Work:

custom cnc sign

dean and Dean sand blasted

Sand Blasted sign in Baton Rouge


wood sign

Custom HDU cpa sign

Custom wood sign