Products: Decals

Description: Decals are a great way to raise funds or show support for your favorite organization. They can also be used to identify vehicles for parking control or for identifying equipment for inventory. Cypress Graphics can produce numbered decals for inventory control. With our in house full color printing and computer controlled cutting systems Cypress Graphics can manufacture decals in almost any size, shape or colors.

Use: Sport team, parking control, advertising, Inventory control, labeling, organizational sport and promotion.

Life Span: 1-5 years

Delivery Time: 3-5 days

Standard Sizes: Decals can be made in almost any size or shape.

Cost: Depends on size, shape, and complexity. A 4'x4' sheet of as many decals that will fit, with a simple shape cut, would be about $200 for the first sheet and $150 for each sheet there after.

Design Advice: The skies the limit with decals, they can be made into any size or shape, but generally, simple shapes like squares maximize material don't require masking and thus are less expensive to manufacture..

Care: N/A

Additional Info: decals should be laminated, short term decals can omit lamination and reduce cost.

Examples of Work:

F3A Decals

esi decal

Arc Decals


Cypress Graphics Decals