Products: Banners

Description: Banners are a very cost effective way to get your message across to a large audience. They can be placed in front of your business for many travelers to see. They can also be used indoors to be hung on walls or from ceilings.

Cypress Graphics is now owns one of the best banner printers on the market, The Gandi Innovations JETI 3318. With this GRAND format printer we are able to compete in size and volume with any national company. This printer is the largest of its' kind in the Baton Rouge area, with a 126 in. print capability.

Jeti 3318 banner printer


Typically banners come in two weights: 10oz (light) and 13oz (heavy).

13oz should be used outdoors where the banner will be subjected to wind.

15oz and 18oz, while not is common is also available for the most demanding of applications.

Liquid lamination can be added to most banners to add scratch resistance and extend print life.

Cut vinyl Banner and Full Color Printed Banners are available At Cypress Graphics.

Mesh Banners are great for windy locations, or where wind loading is of concern.

Use: Short term advertising, promotional, events, announcements, special occasions, sporting events, Parades, floats.

Life Span: 2mos, -1.5 years

Delivery time: 2-5 days *emergency service available.

Standard Sizes: 2'-10' wide by up to 150' long.

Cost: $4-$7 per sq ft.

Design Advice: Banners must be bold to get attention. The proper use of color and images will convey your message to your target market. Keep long lists to a minimum, and keep your copy large.

Care: Keep your banners rolled up print side out when not in use, and store vertically. Clean with mild soap and water using a soft cloth.

Additional Info: Never let printed banners touch ink side to ink side.

Cypress Graphics finishing options:

1: Sewn hemmed edges- Cypress Graphics sews it's banners in house for a strong, durable banner. Before buying a banner from another vender ask if they sew their banners in house, or charge extra to have your banner sewn!

2: Hem taped finished banners- Hem tape is a good finishing option for digital prints that will be seen up close. When you don't want to see thread in your printed image hem tape is a great option.

3: Grommets- You have to have a way to hang you new banner and grommets are the perfect way to do it. Cypress Graphics standard is to place a grommet in each corner. Addition grommets can be added by request.

4: Raw finishing- While not recommend by Cypress Graphics, cutting the printed banner to size and leaving the edge raw is an option, all though not a good one. This technique is the "standard" finishing option for most large chain copy centers and oh yea would you like a side of banners with that?

Cypress Graphics prints 90% of all its banners. Printing banners instead of using cut vinyl, allows us more design freedom, and better visual impact.

Vinyl Cut Banner

When you need to get your point across quickly or make a strong statement, Vinyl cut banners are a great, and economical way of doing just that.

cut vinyl banner

Full Color Printed Banners

Full color printed banners can be used at any time and for almost anything, but when you want you banner to have that extra "WOW" factor digital printed banners are hard to beat.

printted banner


Examples of Work:

full color banner large

large banner bill board

large full color banner

Lawra banner

arc Banner

bb banner

Cupcake banner


banner lightspeed2

Cajun Banner